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PURC Biotin Hair Growth Products for Men & Women

PURC Biotin Hair Growth Products for Men & Women

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NET WT : 1.01 oz./30ml


Hair thinning treatment

Reduce hair loss

Thicken and lengthen hair

Fragrance deodorization


Containing 50,000 ppm of biotin complex and a total of 6% dual collagen protein, this product nourishes scalp nutrition, strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss, and reduces hair shedding.

Moreover, it is specially enriched with 4.5% comparably potent hair regrowth ingredients, activating hair follicles, stimulating hair growth, and increasing hair volume, resulting in thicker and denser hair.

Not only does this product prevent hair loss, but it also helps to delay the graying of black hair, preserving a youthful appearance at all times.

Usage Instructions:

Remove the cap and clip from the Anti-Hair Loss Spray

Aim the nozzle at the scalp, press the spray button, and spray the liquid onto the scalp

Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips until fully absorbed.


(1)In case of sensitive skin, please test the product on the inside of the arm first. If discomfort arises, please immediately stop using the product and seek the assistance of a dermatologist.

(2)In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Keep it in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. (Please keep out of reach of children.

Specially designed for the 'hair loss' group, effectively combating the following hair problems:

1. Thin hair

2. Wide gaps between hair

3. Receding hairline

4. Hair loss due to staying up late

5. Postpartum hair loss

6. Hair loss due to high stress

7. Developing white hair

Recurring hair loss issues?

It stems from not addressing the root cause

All hair loss problems are related to issues with the hair follicles.

1. Hair follicles enter dormancy prematurely, leading to a "pause in growth" of hair.

2. Hair follicles are blocked, preventing hair from growing.

To truly address hair loss issues, you should start at the root.

1. Reawaken the hair follicles to promote hair growth.

2. Clear the hair follicles to allow hair to grow.

【PURC】 Biotin & Collagen Anti-Hair Loss Spray

2 weeks - Clearing the follicles, promoting hair growth.

4 weeks - Reawakening the follicles, revitalizing hair growth, noticeable reduction in hair loss.

8 weeks - Witness hair regrowth.

9 months - Witness lush and thick hair.

Not only prevents hair loss but also prevents gray hair growth.

50000 ppm Biotin

Reduces hair loss

Promotes hair growth

Prevents gray hair growth

Triple hair growth ingredients, +58% hair growth power

4.5% Kopyrrol

An efficient anti-hair loss ingredient

By improving blood circulation on the skin surface, it stimulates follicle regeneration, providing the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the hair roots, thereby inhibiting hair loss, strengthening hair roots, and promoting hair growth.


Effective anti-hair loss rate of 90%+


A large amount of hair loss every time


Significant reduction in hair loss

After 8 weeks

Hair loss is visibly reduced


Promotes follicle metabolism, increases hair's nutritional supply, and enhances hair growth speed and quality.

Triple Collagen, Root Strengthening Power +66%

Strengthens the roots, making hair more firmly attached and less prone to falling out.

6 bottles in one cycle, awakening dormant follicles, revitalizing hair growth power.

Hair loss prevention power +86%;

Hair growth power +58%

Hair strand thickening power +43%


Sparse hair

After using 1-2 bottles

Gradual reduction in hair loss

After using 3-4 bottles

Baby hair starts to grow

After using 5-6 bottles

Hair gradually thickens, and hair volume increases.

Clinical tests confirm hair regrowth results

Hair regrowth effectiveness: 98%

98% of consumers agree

Hair appears significantly fuller and thicker.

99% of consumers agree

Hair loss is significantly reduced.

Experimental results show that using PURC Biotin & Collagen Anti-Hair Loss Spray leads to a noticeable improvement in hair loss and regrowth effects.

*Data is sourced from experimental test results, individual results may vary.

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